Seattle-Tacoma Box Company at the a corporate level  achieved has AIB 3rd party audit certification for the food-contact packaging and distribution with a goal of being a recognized leader in quality, food safety standards and customer satisfaction within the packaging industry.

Throughout our company, from top management to the plant workers, we recognize the importance of food safety throughout the food supply chain. As a part of this supply chain, we have a collective responsibility to exercise our due diligence by making a commitment to take responsible steps in order safeguard one another, our customers, and the consumers. Through our Food Safety Systems we work alongside our manufacturing facility, suppliers, distribution locations, and customers to ensure the quality and safety of our products.

To ensure we accomplish success in our food safety we have established a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system and abide by the standards set out by AIB International. We have implemented processes and procedures to help achieve this goal, such as:


  • Conform with the regulatory requirements and the agreed customer requirements;
  • Implement an internal audit program to ensure food safety objectives are consistently in compliance with the standards and expectations set out;
  • Provide our personnel with adequate food safety information, training, and equipment to perform their tasks in a food safe and professional manner;
  • Programs to control allergens, chemicals, and foreign materials;
  • Implementation of an approved supplier program;
  • Promote personal hygiene and proper housekeeping to our employees, contractors, suppliers and vendors.


Food safety must be a team effort, therefore making it a responsibility for every employee who is a part of the implemented processes and procedures. As we maintain our food safety programs at a corporate level, we continue to improve our efficiency, which allows us to better serve our customers and meet their expectations.

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