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Wood Fuel Pellets

 Seattle Tacoma Box Company develops over 10,000 tons of wood biomass annually during the  manufacturing of their wood products,. For many years this material was shipped to surrounding area farms and nurseries for animal bedding and soil mixes.
Today this material is converted into an efficient and economical energy source - Burnmaster Pellet Fuel. Burnmaster is a premium grade ¼ inch pellet that produces in excess of 8500 Btu’s per pound and has an ash content of l/4 of 1 %. This fuel comes in 40# bags,  palletized 50 bags per pallet.
In this new age of conservation and searching for environmentally safe products comes Burnmaster, one of the cleanest and most economical ways to heat your home. It is available as a wholesale or retail product. Feel free to email us with any questions.

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