Food Safety

Corporate Sustainability Vision Statement:


At SeaCa Packaging, sustainability is a core guiding influence of our business model as it encourages commitment to innovative product designs as well as process involvement, establishes a responsibility to maintain an ecologically sensitive production environment, helps create viable business growth, and supports a bright future for the communities we are associated with. Our corporate goal is to continue to reduce the global environmental impact that standard packaging products cause by eliminating tons of waste in landfills, reduce carbon greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, reduce shipping weight for both incoming as well as outbound to aid in the reduction of fuel costs and continue to promote our packaging products that are 100% recyclable.

Green Business Bureau Statement:


Being a part of the Green Business Bureau program will allow us additional initiative ideas to support a growing company that is continuously striving to be the best in our respective industry while keep the environment in mind. As of now some green initiatives we have already implemented include adding an environmental category to our approved supplier program, encouraging employee carpooling to work and continuing our company wide recycling program that includes everything from our product to offices.

Durable carton eliminates landfill waste

Reduces packaging carbon foot print by 38.7%

Food Safe Certified and Sustainable Material

Reduces outbound shipping weight by 2.1%

Produces revenue when recycled into high valuable post consumer resin


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