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Design Center

Creative Services, our graphics design subsidiary, was established in the first quarter of 2000.  This department brings us the ability to do in-house creation of our own graphics, from simple one color line work to the most complex and cutting edge four color process designs. 

In addition, we have also upgraded our sample making capabilities from a tedious manual process to an automated, state of the art, Data Tech 3000P, capable of producing complex designs in a matter of minutes.  We have taken these two areas of service and combined them to produce full mockup printed samples that can be submitted to the customer for final approval.

In the design and output of graphics from Creative Services, we use the most up to date hardware from Macintosh and Hewlett-Packard as well as other recognized leaders in the field of graphics equipment.  We utilize the latest in computer programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Freehand and Photoshop.  We can also convert files from Pagemaker and Quark as well,  thereby extending our capabilities to suit the needs of virtually any customer.

We do all of this with the combined expertise of three industry leaders in graphics and flexographic printing and design, with a total of nearly 50 years of corrugated packaging experience.

We offer these services to our customers at prices that will certainly surprise you.  Due to the fact that Seattle Tacoma Box already operates in a variety of locations, overhead expenses are substantially reduced and these savings are passed on directly to the customer. We also have the benefit of immediate feedback from our production facilities, giving us the ability to produce graphics and package designs that can be run efficiently from a manufacturing standpoint.

Please challenge us to “step out of the box” when designing a project for your needs. 

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